Berkshire County, Mass. - Oasis7 Pictures is pleased to announce that feature film, Penny Land will make its New England Premiere at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center on Saturday, July 14th at 8:00 P.M.. The short film, Cort's Priorities will kick off the evening. The screening of Penny Land will be introduced by Billy Hahn and David Joseph. At the end of the evening there will be an audience Q&A with Billy Hahn, David Joseph and Patrick Toole.

Penny Land stars David Joseph, Michael Burnet, Jamie Greenland, Jeff Kent, Kaileela Hobby, Kendal Lenihan, Ryan Marchione, Robert Lohbauer & co-stars Jennie Jadow, Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Zoe Laiz, Dana Harrison, Heidi Saupe, Tom Dawley, Chip Hodgkins, Rick Robbins, Sam Burnham, John Martin Jr., Molly Northrup, Evan Valenti & Melanie Ray. Produced by Billy Hahn and David Joseph. Written, directed and photographed by Billy Hahn. A young man who drifts through life dreaming about striking it rich by betting on the shady world of penny stocks. As his dream becomes an obsession he creates a stock scheme that could destroy himself and everyone around him.

Penny Land was produced on a budget of $5,000. Filming took place in the Berkshires over an eight month period, mainly shooting on the weekends using equipment from CTSB-TV in Lee, Massachusetts. Some additional filming took place in New York City, New York and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Cort's Priorities stars Colin McCarthy, Nicholas Hatsis, Jennifer Young, Jane Burns and Constance Bullard. Director of photography Sean Coia. Produced by Anthony Zagarella. Written and directed by Patrick Toole. A thuggish young white guy is released from jail and has 10 days to get a job and stay sober or he'll go back to jail.

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Images: David Joseph (left), Billy Hahn (right))