Before I really get into this, I wanted to let you (the reader) know that I am writing this very light-heartedly, and I really don't hold any ill will toward the celebrities which I am about to mention. I'm just really not the biggest fan of them if you know what I mean.

Perhaps you have heard the news today that former New York Giants Football player and now Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan, who turned 50 this past Sunday, is going into space on December 9th with Laura Shepard Churchley. Churchley is the eldest daughter of astronaut Alan Shepard, who you may know, was the first American in space. They will be traveling onboard the "New Shepard" which is aptly named after Shepard.

Well, the news today got me thinking. If it were up to me to decide who would be going to space... and maybe stay there awhile, who would I pick? It didn't really take me very long to come up with my Top 10.

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So, here they are. The 10 celebrities that I would like to see go into space (and stay awhile) instead of Michael Strahan.

10 Celebrities I Would Like To See Go To Space Instead of Michael Strahan


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