Today is National Prime Rib Day. A very exciting day for yours truly. We checked in with the local Facebook community to get their opinion on where the best place is to get prime rib in the Berkshires and surrounding areas. We received responses from folks citing locations all throughout the Berkshires and beyond. Here are the results from our Facebook audience (listed in no particular order)

- Ozzie's Steak and Eggs - 26 Maple Street, Hinsdale

- Jacob's Restaurant - 51 Daly Ave, Dalton

- Shaker Mill Tavern Family Smokehouse - 5 Albany Road, West Stockbridge

- Salmon Run Fish House - 78 Main Street, Lee

- The Outback Steakhouse - Several locations (closest are probably Springfield and Albany)

- Bernie's Dining Depot - 749 James Street, Chicopee

- The Bridge Restaurant - 650 North Main Street, Sheffield

- The Highland Restaurant - 100 Fenn Street, Pittsfield

- The Old Mill - Main Street, Egremont

- 6 House Pub - 866 Cold Spring Road, Route 7, Williamstown

- Knox Trail Inn - 1898 East Otis Road, East Otis

- Boston Seafood Restaurant - 160 American Legion Drive, North Adams

- 99 Restaurant - 699 Merrill Road, Pittsfield

- O'Laughlin's Pub - 342 Merrill Road, Pittsfield

- Red Lion Inn - 30 Main Street Stockbridge

- Michael's Restaurant - 5 Elm Street, Stockbridge

As you can see there are many options to choose from when selecting a fantastic cut of prime rib. So get to you favorite place this evening and celebrate National Prime Rib Day!

You can find the original Facebook post here  

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