Looking around on the internet I found a list of laws in Massachusetts that were compiled from the websites Boston.com along with Only In Your State and there's a number of these laws that are quite bizarre if not down right crazy. Most of these don't make much sense to me as to why they are laws to begin with. I understand it was a different time when they were written and enacted but still it seems like the lawmakers must have joined together and said, "okay we have our serious laws ready to be passed now let's come up with some haha ones to swerve our citizens." Was served even a word back in the day?

The other strange aspect about these laws is many of them are still on the books but as you may have guessed, people are not being arrested or taken to court if they break them. Most of these laws are definitely strange, they don't seem to have any rhyme or reason but thanks to them we can talk and read about them together and have a laugh as we go through each one below.

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I would like to point out that there is one law on this list that is a tiny bit dirty. It's not really obscene but I placed it at the end of the list in case you want to stop right before you reach the end. It's up to you but you have been warned...lol. So let's not wait around any longer, let's take a look at 15 of the strangest laws in Massachusetts (the list is in no particular order by the way)

15 Massachusetts Laws That are Quite Strange

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