Winter has made an encore and many of us are longing for warm, sunny Spring weather. A couple of weeks back as I was thinking about Spring and Summer in the Berkshires, I asked the Facebook community what aspects and activities they enjoyed most about the Berkshires. The WSBS Facebook page received quite a feedback list and here are the responses (in no particular order):

Facebook Question: What do you enjoy most about the Berkshires and what are your favorite Berkshire activities?

(1) camping

(2) The changing seasons

(3) Summer swimming at all of the beautiful lakes

(4) Fall with the beautiful foliage

(5) Tanglewood

(6) Great dining options

(7) Great art at Rockwell

(8) Great environment

(9) Great Barrington Libraries

(10) The trees and nature-no city

(11) Riding through our beautiful county is my favorite thing to do.

(12) Kayaking

(13) Music at the bandstand in Great Barrington on Friday nights in the summertime

(14) Tuesday's bands at the VFW.....(Sounds of Summer)

(15) Everything its better than Florida, grew up in the Berkshires

(16) Simple walks on dirt roads

(17) The scenery is breath taking especially in the summer

What are some of your favorite Berkshire aspects and activities?

(Picture of Umpachene Falls in New Marlborough that I took back in May 2010) 

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