On a recent edition of Let's Talk on WSBS, Jesse Stewart's guest was Author, Training Specialist, Conference Speaker, Strategic Coach and Sheffield resident, Jerry Posner. Every year at this time, Jerry joins the "Let Talk" program to discuss and describe his daily reminders for a stellar year. It's about helping folks start fresh and get on the right foot not just for the beginning of the year but daily throughout the year and beyond. Instead of one big goal for the year, these are reminders, that when provided with a little effort, are pretty easy to improve your life and the lives of others around you; making your life more enjoyable, productive efficient and being the best you in all of your relationships.

Jerry has been producing these reminder cards for over 25 years. He and his wife Lynn start putting them together in their rough draft form around May or June of the previous year. Jerry usually starts out with approximately 50 reminders and he and Lynn edit the amount down to a number that is reasonable to fit on the cards. You can pickup these cards free of charge at the WSBS studios on Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington.

Happy New Year and here are the 19 daily reminders for a stellar year.

(1) With every relationship, the question is: "How can I be supportive?"

(2) Don't let simple annoyance morph into full-blown anger.

(3) We owe our existence to millions of people we'll never meet.

(4) Avoid telling others to "calm down!" (it usually backfires).

(5) Be the architect of your own self-esteem.

(6) Aim to live with no regrets. Consider the impact of your choices.

(7) Plan to be kinder and more compassionate than you were yesterday

(8) Create and reinforce a gratitude bias - taking nothing for granted.

(9) Choose your attitude; many options now available.

(10) Never miss an opportunity to thank someone.

(11) Beware of U.C.P.S. (Unspecified Cranky-Pants Syndrome)

(12) Saying, "the devil made me do it" just doesn't work.

(13) When worrying isn't helping, try a different strategy.

(14) Substitute "I have enough to do" for "I have too much to do."

(15) Let people finishes their sentences.

(16) Exterminate ANTS! (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

(17) Tell at least one person a day, "I love you and I'm glad you're here."

(18) Align actions with your highest core values.

(19) Problems or not, life's a miracle.

Jerry Posner can be reached by going to his site, by contacting him at jerryposner@icloud.com or calling (413) 441-6361

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