20 years ago, The September 11th terrorist attacks came as a complete surprise as the fabric of New York City's skyline completely changed after a pair of jet liners crashed Through the World Trade Center's on a sunny Tuesday morning in 2001. As a native New Yorker, this hit me very hard as the beloved "Twin Towers" came crashing down and lives were lost suddenly as enemies of The United States were responsible for this massive carnage on American soil. The last time such a tragedy occurred was back on April 19th 1995 when a pair of home grown terrorists blew up the Federal Murah Building exploded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma resulting in the loss of 169 lives.

These attacks caused thousands to perish locally in lower Manhattan as everyone on board both of the jet liners perished and a throng of WTC employees and first responders also lost their lives when the buildings collapsed. A gripping moment in history continues to haunt us to this day.

Our monthly Saturday morning feature, 10 @ 10 @ 10:10 am returns to our airwaves as "New England's George Reeves", Kevin Titus will make his return appearance on YOUR Home Town Station. Only this time, Kevin will join me for some reflection and we will look back at that tragic moment in world history. In Kevin's case, this was personal as he lost a family member on 9-11-2001.

attachment-Alicia Nicole Titus
attachment-Alicia Nicole Titus

29 year old Alicia Nicole Titus was a flight attendant on United Flight 175 as she was NOT supposed to be on duty for that flight to Los Angeles, but she stepped in at the last minute to fill in for a sick friend. Her good deed proved to be the ultimate sacrifice. Kevin will look back at his cousin's life in a moving moment that STILL puts him in an emotional state of mind.

We will also remember the heroes of Flight 93 when they commandeered that aircraft as the hijackers were attempting to crash the plane into Washington D.C.'s Pentagon and the passengers prevented that act from happening. Sadly, all aboard that plane passed away when it crash landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as they gave their lives to prevent another massive tragedy from taking place after The World Trade Center attacks

Tune in for this special remembrance as we will also feature a trio of musical selections that pertain to this dark moment in world history. You can check in on-air to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM, listen LIVE on-line by going here and while you are on our web site, click the LISTEN tab on the home page and scroll down to either WSBS on Alexa OR WSBS on Google Home for step-by-step instructions to enable your Smart Speaker device. You can download the FREE WSBS app at your local app store to your tablet, Smart phone OR mobile device and take us along wherever you GO: Remember: "WE ARE PORTABLE"

This broadcast will enable everyone to NEVER FORGET the tragic events that occurred two decades ago. Let's take time and remember those who gave ALL on September 11TH, 2001.

(Photo image of Alicia Nicole Titus used by permission courtesy of her cousin, Kevin Titus who co-hosts the monthly 10 @ 10 @ 1010 feature on WSBS)

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