There's no shortage of wonderful restaurants and eateries throughout the entire state of Massachusetts! And what's even more amazing when some of those spots in the Bay State are recognized for being the absolute best in all of the New England region. Perhaps one of the restaurants in our state that you need to put on your must-try list are what are being considered by a prestigious publication as 'hidden culinary gems' in Massachusetts.

The popular national publication 'Forbes' has published Where to Find New England's Hidden Culinary GemsThe only really shocking part about this is the fact that Massachusetts didn't have more than two spots that made the list. That being said, it seems that two restaurants in each state in the New England region were chosen for the specific piece.

As it is, it seems that throughout the region, we still have two culinary gems that are completely under the radar. So, what are these two hidden culinary gems of New England that are within the Bay State?

  • Alpamayo Restaurant - Lee

The southern region of the Berkshires is where you will find this unique Peruvian cuisine. Respected food and travel journalist Mark Hurwitz of the 'Boston Globe' and 'New England Cable News' provided his review for the Forbes piece:

It is tough enough to find Peruvian food in New England, but finding such fare in a quaint small town in the middle of the mountains seems almost like it can’t be real. The menu is a meat lover’s dream, with rotisserie chicken, Peruvian fried rice with beef and seafood paella just a few options offered.

For the second hidden culinary gem in Massachusetts, we travel to the eastern side of the state and to the south of Boston in the city of Randolph.

  • Hoey's Pizza - Randolph
Google Maps
Google Maps

Hurwitz also explains why this pizza joint deserves to be named another hidden culinary gem throughout New England:

There is hidden and then there is really hidden. This bar pizza spot south of Boston is in a most unlikely location — within an AMVETS post on a little side street just north of the town center. For those who love bar pizza, this little pizza counter does it better than nearly anyone.

There are your hidden culinary gems in Massachusetts. Of course, there are probably several others throughout the Bay State, but it's not everyday that 'Forbes' picks yours to be part of an exclusive list to tie-in with the rest of New England.

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