While some household project projects can be relatively easy and cost-effective to DIY, there are some that you should simply never even think about doing yourself.

One of the most common mistakes our friends at 413 Plumbing & Heating see is simply carelessness of homeowners, believe it or not. They see and acknowledge the signs of a plumbing problem and either put them off until later or ignore the issue altogether. A regular monthly self inspection could help prevent a slew of major plumbing problems from developing down the line.

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Ignoring Signs of Plumbing Failure

The telltale signs are pretty ugly: discoloration on a wall or ceiling, blistered paint and dripping or leaking water. Water intrusion also could mean a roof or siding leak, a mold issue, or a plumbing problem. If you see any of these, try to find the source of the problem so you can turn off the water access, if applicable. In general, though, you'll want to call an experienced professional, like 413 Plumbing & Heating.

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Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a valuable tool, but to keep it working properly, avoid putting banana peels, potato peels, coffee grounds or egg shells. Similarly, don't make the mistake of thinking putting ground glass down your disposal will sharpen the blades or clean your pipes — it won't, cautions The Spruce. Instead, avoiding clogs can be as simply as flushing plenty of hot water down the garbage disposal when you use it.

If your garbage disposal does appear to be clogged or malfunctioning, don't stick your hand inside to dislodge it yourself. Dislodging the clog may allow the blades to move, opening you to possible injury. Instead, call the experts at 413 Plumbing & Heating and they'll resolve the issue safely and quickly.

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