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March 14, 2018 — Great Barrington, MA — The Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire (CDCSB) recently submitted a funding application to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for the property the CDC owns at 100 Bridge Street. If awarded, these funds will provide the final financing needed to build 45 new affordable rental units, Bentley Apartments, and remediate the entire 8-acre site along the Housatonic River in downtown Great Barrington.

“We applied for the final funds in February,”said CDCSB’s executive director, Tim Geller. “The DHCD funding will announce these extremely competitive funding awards in July.”

CDCSB submitted the funding application in partnership with Berkshire Housing Development Corporation, the project’s co-sponsor, Dietz and Company Architects, Inc. in Springfield, MA, and MBL Housing and Development in Amherst, MA. The funding application included construction drawings that are 90% complete. When funded, the work will be put out to bid to regional contractors. In 2017 the 100 Bridge Street project was awarded a $123,000 Berkshire Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Grant from the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission which completes the funds necessary for the clean-up of the property.

The Bentley Apartment complex represents phase one of CDCSB’s ongoing plans to create much needed affordable homes and a center for economic growth in Great Barrington. The new units include one, two, and three-bedroom apartments for families with incomes of up to $48,000, offering rental apartments at significantly lower than market-rates.

The plan’s attractive New England style apartments have been recently redesigned to better fit the style and aesthetic of the neighborhood, while plans for an elegant riverfront park will showcase the desirable downtown natural space.

When addressing the recent redirection of State MassWorks funds by the Town of Great Barrington from Bridge Street to Railroad Street, CDCSB Executive Director, Tim Geller, says “This was a smart and utilitarian decision by the town and one that has zero impact on the development progress with Bentley Apartments. The portions of the MassWorks grant that directly support the affordable housing component of the site remain in place. We are optimistic in our application to DHCD and look forward to the progress of this important development and the positive impact it will have on the town.”

CDCSB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating job opportunities, promoting economic development, and building low-moderate income housing in south Berkshire County. In collaboration with other like-minded organizations, the CDCSB has built over 60 housing units and leveraged over $16 million in private and public funding.

As a nonprofit organization, CDCSB actively seeks ongoing support for its housing projects, community outreach and education, and job creation in South Berkshire.  To make a donation or for further information about CDCSB, please visit cdcsb.org or call 413-528-7788.


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