What's being called the world's first marketplace for unique meaningful gifts that give back has been launched online in time for holiday gift-giving. And it has Berkshire roots.

It's called Pungl, and it's meant to connect donors with worthy organizations who will accept donations in the name of the donor or in the name of a loved one and follow up with a note showing how their donation is making a difference.The site is searchable by location or charitable cause.

According to their website, Zachary Goffin, a 15 year old Great Barrington native got the idea after going to the birthday party of a friend who requested no gifts from guests. The concept was fleshed out and developed into a online-giving marketplace by Abby Tovell, a Housatonic-based creative director who runs the company. Tovell says that in addition to creating a platform for organizations and non-profits to showcase their projects, the site gives people a chance to donate to causes and to experience the true "joy of giving."

From its start featuring local organizations in the Berkshires, Pungl is expected to roll out nationwide in the coming months.


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