If you have not yet seen Mary Ann Palermo and 1st Take perform at various venues throughout our tri-state region, what are you waiting for. During the pandemic, the group was actually out and about playing to limited audiences at Railroad Street in Great Barrington and each show was well received. Now that things are returning to a sense of normalcy, she cordially invites ALL tri-state region residents to start off the next few weekends with a trio of FREE performances that take place outdoors.

A new and improved 1st Take Band including veteran bassist Steven Dietemann, drummer Tom Parker, percussionist Andrew Bloom, Luke Franco on guitar and sax player Chris Ferrone join Mary Ann for these LIVE shows with a perfect background behind them: The Housatonic River. Bring a lawn chair, have some dinner and you'll be treated to a unique performance with the motto "Variety is the Spice of Life".

Mary Ann provides lead vocals on some of your favorite songs of all time. The group plays an assortment of tunes as her stunning vocals will surely move your soul as she shows a true passion for her craft by singing an assortment of your favorites from the realm of jazz, rock, funk, blues, bossa nova, samba and they mix in some original material from their premiere CD "No Regrets".

While in attendance, don't be shy to ask for one of your favorite songs as they also take requests on the spot. A reminder: The concert scheduled for June 18th has been cancelled. The next show takes place on Friday, June 25th at the Riverhouse performing Space (RPS) located at 331 route 183 in Housatonic, Massachusetts. Showtime is set for 6 pm.  As we mentioned, there is NO charge for admission to this performance.

To learn more about Mary Ann and her band mates, check out their Facebook page for continuous updates, better yet come on out to Housatonic and you'll be treated to a top notch performance, guaranteed.

(Photo image courtesy of Mary Ann Palermo)

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