Is it possible that the State of Massachusetts could be heading toward a full-on statewide mask mandate? It could happen. If you look at the way things are going, it's not inconceivable. It’s certainly noticeable that people are beginning to wear their masks again in public places like supermarkets and other indoor locations where there are a lot of people. Consider that observation and the fact that school districts across Massachusetts are putting mask mandates in place for students, staff, and visitors, and it seems to be the inevitable next move.  

Many school districts in the Berkshires have put mandates in place already or have at least discussed putting one in place. We have seen recently the Northern Berkshire School Union and the Mount Greylock Regional School Committee decide to put mask mandates in place for when the new school year gets underway. Also, Pittsfield Public School Superintendent, Joe Curtis has just put a mask mandate into effect that will continue until at least October 1st.  

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All of these individual moves by school districts around the county and state are being done prior to a statewide K-12 mask mandate, which State Education Commissioner Jeff Riley is almost sure to put into place today, after receiving approval from the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to issue a universal mask mandate for K-12 public schools.  

Maybe a full-on statewide mask mandate might be jumping the gun a bit, but with the Delta Variant of the coronavirus continuing to spread around the country, and the uncertainty of how it will track and spread, that sort of move may not be very far-fetched.  

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