How many remember the days when we celebrated Lincoln's Birthday on February 12th and saluted "The Father Of Our Country" on February 22nd. Those were the days until Congress combined both birthdays of our 1st and 16th commanders-in chief back in 1968 as we now observe these milestones on the 3rd Monday of the 2nd month. The President's Day holiday made it's first appearance on the calendar on February 22nd 1879.

Throughout the Bay state, this is an unrestricted holiday as most offices or local businesses could remain open today at will without special pay provisions or permits. Now for a list of what's open and what's not throughout the tri-state region:

All Federal, state and local municipal offices, banks, libraries and the Stock Exchange are closed today. They will resume normal hours on Tuesday, February 18th. There will be no mail delivery for today.

The BRTA will operate bus service on a normal schedule. Restaurants and bars, convenience and retail stores will also remain open but they could operate on a different schedule due to today's holiday. It is advisable to give a call or check their web sites for any revisions or changes.

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