We are pleased to introduce Natasha Sarro as she has embarked on a thrilling adventure portraying various roles on television and the list keeps on growing as she has numerous roles in the works and we are looking forward to learn more about her accomplishments as you can view the end result while channel surfing on your remote control.

Natasha hails from neighboring Saratoga Springs, New York, but she has called the tri-state region home as she was raised south of the border in Canaan, Connecticut. After a few years out west in New Mexico, she now calls Great Barrington home as the decision to return home was based on pursuing these new adventures that await her on the horizon.

Natasha began her acting career about a decade ago as her first role aired on PBS when she portrayed the mother of a child with super natural abilities. Around that time, she also served as a moderator for The International Music Festival which took place in Burlington, Vermont participating in question and answer sessions regarding future actors submissions as an audience of over 200 people were also a part of this exciting forum.

Her impressive resume include roles for shows that aired on the Starz cable channel. You can catch Natasha in "Power Season 6" where she is in the opening scene walking and then is stopped by authorities for an interrogation regarding a specific incident outside a New York City nightclub. This episode airs Saturday, August 24th. Check your listings and times and for the specific cable channel that airs Starz in your area.

Upcoming projects include a part in the series "High Town" that also airs on Starz, but there is no release date yet. The episode will air sometime in 2020. We'll keep you posted.

We recently received news that Natasha will be appearing on prime time TV as she was cast to portray a role in the CBS hit series "Blue Bloods"starring Tom Selleck and hopefully will be cast in an upcoming series of the NBC series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".

Natasha will stop by in studio to share some great stories about her aspiring TV career on the upcoming WSBS Saturday morning chat with Ron Carson immediately following the Trading Post. Tune in to 860 AM, 94.1 FM, listen LIVE on line by logging on to www.wsbs.com. You can also find us on the FREE WSBS app at your local app store which you can download to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile advice and access our programming via Google Home or Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

You can access the chat on the audio clips below:


(Photo of Natasha Sarro courtesy of her Facebook page)