Crazy story right here, Berkshire County. This one comes to us all the way from Nevada and it concerns a man JUST released from jail who gets arrested almost IMMEDIATELY after his release.

I refuse to believe anyone is this stupid. Who knows? Maybe he simply missed his "three hots and a cot" so much, that he wanted to go right back in the joint. If that's the case, he got what he wanted.

KOLO/ABC News 8 in Nevada reports that car thief Aidan Crowley, 21-years-old, of Reno, was released from jail Saturday night. He made it as far as the jail's parking lot before getting into trouble again.

You guessed it. This particular young man, just released from jail for car theft, tried to steal another car in the JAIL PARKING LOT. Crowley had been arrested for vehicle burglary just the day before.

Granted, it didn't happen right away. It actually happened a few hours after Crowley was released, but still, to actually return to, of all places, the jail parking lot to attempt another vehicle theft is just crazy.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office reports that Crowley was released from jail on Saturday and at about 10 p.m., a few hours after his release, deputies caught Crowley in the jail parking lot inside a vehicle that didn't belong to him and arrested him again.

Apparently, Crowley said he didn't have a ride home and that's why he tried to boost another car. The Washoe Sheriff's Office reminds the general public to always lock the doors of their vehicle when unoccupied and to always remove valuables from the view of potential thieves.

For more, check out the story on KOLO's website here.

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