Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce President Julie Hannum, Vice-President Dawn Stanyon, Treasurer Spring Burke and Executive Director Betsy Andrus have joined forces with their staff in sending an empowering message to the community regarding nationwide racial injustice.

It's been two months after the murder of George Floyd as numerous protests have transpired including a recent gathering outside Great Barrington's Town Hall on Main Street as they acknowledged we are living in "a different time" as actions by incredibly diverse groups of people across a plethora of ethnicities, race and gender in the United States and across the globe are sounding off with an immediate demand to cease any form of racial inequities worldwide.

The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce is in solidarity with various local leaders, businesses and organizations that remain committed to these initial and intentional actions as they band together to accomplish their newfound mission, Some of the guidelines include a modification of ideas that need to be implemented as soon as possible.

For starters, they must improve cultural competence that is based around diversity, inclusion and implicit bias through board training, a revision of their mission statement and branding that reflects total support of local business owners across diverse backgrounds, a continuation to diversify Board membership representation and to encourage membership through support in upholding high standards of equity in the daily operation of business practices.

Board members acknowledge this mission will NOT be an easy quick-fix and all plans discussed are in a beginning stage as deep, reflective thinking is absolutely necessary to impact a collective mind-set as these actions must be a reflection of values coupled with development of new partnerships and programming as added growth will be accomplished through daily challenges.

The mantra of business consists of a matter of trust and the surrounding south county communities can band together in this worthy cause in this sense of accomplishment as all individuals feel safe and welcome with an added incentive to participate in making their area stronger and with proper perseverance it can be accomplished.

For more information on The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, log on to their website by going here.

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