Let's face it: Has this world gone MAD??? Why on earth would anybody want to own a pet alligator in their place of residence?? These disgusting reptiles belong in the swamps of Florida or the deep south, not in an apartment or your house. If you recall, a few months ago there was an alligator sighting in the nearby Connecticut river around West Springfield, Massachusetts. Fortunately, the creature was found and was shipped to a much more friendlier habitat.

Alligator in the water

Now, reports indicate that two people were recently arrested in Amherst for owning an illegal reptile in their premises. No, we are not talking about the area where U-Mass is located, but this Amherst is just outside of Buffalo, New York and the Empire State has clamped down on the duo who is responsible for keeping this repulsive animal in their home, and for good reason as alligators are one of 15 reptiles that are illegal to own as pets (I'm STILL scratching my head wondering why this could be true, but it is).

The Department of Environmental Conservation questioned the pair and their story about placing this creature into a good home just did not sit well (Why would it do so?) In reality, the accused individuals were trying to sell the grotesque reptile for profit and whether they broke another law in the books remains to be seen. Their claim to keep it a pet was not acknowledged as the caring of a 3 and a half foot gator is not only difficult, but dangerous in nature. I think this photo sums it up best as to where they should be let loose: in the swamps!

path in a dark and scary forest

Fortunately for both of these unidentified culprits, they are being fined $500 for their first offense and if caught again, they would pony up $1,000, but would NOT face jail time in this matter. each instance of owning, breeding, harboring, sale, barter, release, transfer, exchange or import of a wild animal in violation of this section would constitute as a separate offense.

If you ask me, throw the book at them as they truly endangered the safety and well being of their respective community. Again, I believe this world has gone MAD in the "so-called 21st century". And you see why I LIKE living in THE PAST! 

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