It's Prom season and that means it's time for "Promposals", a relatively new custom that seems to be growing in popularity.

It involves not simply asking your prospective date face to face, but coming up with other exotic ways to extend the invite. Maybe by mowing the question into a cornfield for instance, or towing it behind a banner plane.

In Lynn Mass. a couple of local businesses had an idea. A local Burger King put the message on it’s big sign board, directed toward a nearby Wendy’s.   As reported, it was not only a fun bit of business but a great marketing ploy, as the two franchises exchanged social media messages and gained some attention (obviously).

In Adweek’s opinion, the kids in Lynn should get a little love from the burger chains for using the occasion of their prom to gain some attention. Maybe some free burgers or fries, or a visit from "the King".  I would agree with that. (Even more good press for a cool thing, no doubt).

Oh…spoiler alert:  “Wendy” said yes to the promposal.  It’s good to be “King.”

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