Let's face it: The warm summer weather is slowly but surely amongst us and rule of thumb is we must stay hydrated, but drinking water all the time could be a monotonous task at hand. So what is a healthy alternative? How about a refreshing smoothie which is guaranteed to hit the spot at any time, day or night and here are my top 5 choices that will surely satisfy your thirsty cravings:

1) ORANGE: Pictured on the cover photo of this article. My top pick. Being I am a big advocate of orange juice, the drawback of a high sugar content limits the opportunity to consume this product on a daily basis, but when you're in the mood for a treat, the smoothie will truly fit the bill. Plus, I remember having a similar beverage of this nature way back when in my ol' hometown of New York City. Who remembers Orange Julius where this drink was a regular staple in the five boroughs. The last time I indulged was at the Crystal Mall's food court in neighboring Waterford, Connecticut (not the same as downstate, trust me on this one).

Strawberries in a plate on a green towel

2) STRAWBERRY: This one is runner-up for sure. I truly enjoy this fruit pictured above or in the form of a milk shake or frozen yogurt, but there is something special about the smoothie that words can't describe. It has a "fresh" taste and you need to sip slowly to enjoy the entire serving. Plus, going back to New York City, Nedick's was another eatery that specialized in desserts and they made a mean strawberry smoothie. I truly miss the "good ol' days" as my nostalgic moments are once again kicking in.

attachment-Pineapple Smoothie
cut pineapple with slices isolated on white

3) PINEAPPLE: OK, I admit there is a weakness for this particular fruit, even though I've never been to Hawaii (I need to make that happen one of these days) but eating pineapple out of the can in slices and chunks is just NOT the same as sipping the great taste this beverage has to offer. Plus, if you think I'm going to try and cut it up as shown in the photo, that option is just NOT going to happen, trust me as I don't want to keep a first aid kit by my side, LOL!

attachment-Blueberry-Raspberry Smoothie

(Photo credit: Arvid Skywalker on Unsplash)

4) BLUEBERRY/RASPBERRY: Now for a combination that mixes up a pair of unique flavors as I enjoy this pair of delectable fruit in more ways than one, but put them all together in one glass and you have an unbeatable combination that brings an assortment of health benefits in the process. Indulge, please!

Angela Kotsell
Angela Kotsell

5) BANANA: This made the cut because I do enjoy having a banana for a snack. it's a low maintenance fruit and ready made when you finish peeling. The best way to enjoy is by sipping this slowly and enjoying the high dose of potassium that is essential to your diet. Even Curious George would be willing to sample the fare and that's a fact!

So there you have it: desserts without the guilt, but as always with everything in life: "Moderation is the key". ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

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