Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, Massachusetts has been active in our community as the facility opened it's grounds at the junction of routes 102 and 183 to visitors as they strolled around the grounds to check out the flora with proper social distancing guidelines in effect. Visitors complied with wearing masks on site during the warm weather months.

Winter has arrived and you can take part in one of 40 classes that are being offered at BBG as you'll have the option of attending in person, on-line via Zoom conferencing or as a hybrid with in-person status and updated locations dependent on government safety restrictions. Pre-registration is required prior to January 9th 2021 by logging on to the Berkshire Botanical Garden's web site.

Some of the classes that are available include organic vegetable gardening, The Science of Plant Propagation, The No-Till Garden, Extending The Harvest, growing early spring vegetables, Maximizing space in the Garden: Creating more of a good thing, Clean Composting 101, Ready, Set, Grow, Starting seeds that will hit the ground growing, planning your herb garden, The New Cutting Garden, seed starting for the new cutting garden, sustainable garden care and maintenance and Drifts of Daffodils at the home of Jeffrey Steele.

Landscape design classes include: landscape design one & two, design and native plant palette, landscaping your historic home, Asian Garden styles, 2 traditions in 2 sessions and container garden design.

You can also sign up for classes on shrub and tree care including transplanting shrubs and planting small ornamental trees, bark and buds, using a treekey, tree care for gardeners, home orchard care and spring pruning of Woody Ornamental plants.

There are some cooking classes that include making kombucha at home, an introduction to Koji and Miso-making at home, post-partum cooking, plant based foods, dumplings from scratch and spring sausage.

You can also show your artistic creativity which features courses  regarding Dutch tulips in colored pencil, winter I-Phone & digital camera garden photography and natural dyes: rendering color from kitchen scraps.

Other classes offered: a Galantine's Day flower workshop, Botanical Latin, how to use your tools the right way, chainsaw skills and medicinal mushrooms.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The Berkshire Botanical Garden for on-air and on-line usage)

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