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On Monday, October 10th, the Town of Great Barrington will participate in the yearly Indigenous People's Day get together. Event coordinator Susan Jameson recently appeared on my Saturday "Let's Talk" segment to discuss preparations for these memorable festivities that begin at 11am. You are invited to assemble at The Gazebo located behind Town Hall on Main Street (the same location where local performers participate in the annual summer concert series) as this is billed as "a community event" for everyone to enjoy.

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This event begins with a ceremonial drum beating which will be heard all over the confines of Great Barrington accompanied by singing and dancing as 15 Mohican Native Americans from local areas and nationwide will be in attendance including emcee Aaron Ethy, historian Sean Stevens and Gordon Williams will provide the drum beat for the opening pow wow.

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A walk will follow along Main Street which should hamper motor vehicle traffic as participants will utilize the sidewalks to march through the community. The next stop focuses on blessings at the Housatonic River followed by a stop over at Memorial Field. Jake Singer will invite everyone to form a circle as you will be able to participate in this once in a lifetime event which has been coordinated by Lev Natavar as he has been instrumental in putting the finishing touches on this yearly event for the past 3 years.

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Adults and youngsters will be enlightened about the history and culture of Native American tribes. this reminds me of when I attend the presentations at Indian Village which is situated at The New York State Fair in Syracuse as Central New York tribes present a lesson regarding their customs and traditions which I personally find enlightening and entertaining in more ways than one.

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This "back to basics" get together takes us back to simpler times that spotlight a loving atmosphere as you will be able to connect with Mother Nature with those past and present who continue to make a difference in this world. You can obtain more information and enjoy photos of previous celebrations by logging on to this web site.

Mark October 10th on your calendars and make plans to attend this unique and wonderful presentation right here in our backyard.

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