From Berkshire South Regional Community Center

The 2019 end-of-year fundraising appeal, with it's remarkable $100,000 match offered by Mary Ann and Bob Norris, exceeded expectations! Not only was the match met, but because of your deep community support, your gifts to Berkshire South this past December stretched BEYOND the match. Thank you!

Thank you to our donors, our members and our community supporters. You have all taught us something elemental about giving this year. Give more. Give community. Your example will be admired and followed. You have demonstrated what is essential and indispensable about this Center. You.

Because of YOU, someone will receive nourishment, make friends, practice mindfulness, move their body in healthy and joyful ways, create something, learn something, or discover something about themselves or the world around them. Because of you, someone will feel the power of a supportive network; someone will belong. Because of you, the Power of your Community is Infinite.

(the above message and images sent to WSBS from Berkshire South Regional Community Center for online/on-air use)