The month of April warrants our attention to a pair of sensitive matters that continue to remain problematic nationwide: Child abuse and sexual abuse awareness are two variables that haunt those who were profoundly affected by this type of reprehensible behavior. Someone who is near and dear to me with local ties to The Berkshires has experienced these horrors first hand during her youth.

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My "Radio Wife, Lisa Zarcone is a staunch advocate being that she lived through some of these horrible experiences as she maintains a sense of positivity regarding the outcome of overcoming this nightmarish experience as her goal is take all the negatives that occurred during her teenage years and turning it around for positive purposes.

Lisa agreed to participate in a question and answer session with me via this article to share her story to our listening audience as statistics show child abuse has been drastically on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic began over 2 years ago. Unfortunately, these numbers are skyrocketing to this day as the focus is to bring greater awareness to this delicate subject matter.

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The horrors continue as sexual abuse towards children is also on the rise and the biggest perpetrators in 8 of 10 cases that have been documented were family members or acquaintances. Here is a TRUE and poignant example of what Lisa went through as I asked her a trio of questions that brought back horrible memories. Kudos to Z as she volunteered her time to discuss her ordeal as the aim is to make awareness of this rampant problem.


Ron: What were your thoughts when experiencing this horrific situation in life?

Lisa: I felt unworthy of any goodness because the abuse was so heavy in nature, it diminished my spirits. When this is purported by your own mother, it made me feel that I was NOT lovable.


Ron: Being your mother was guilty of this inexcusable behavior, did this ordeal also resonate with your father?

Lisa: Because of my mother's constant mental illness and abuse towards me, progressions became worse and that forced my father to step away from the marriage, leaving me abandoned as I encountered a slew of mental, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my mother which led me to believe that I did NOT matter in life. I felt like garbage on the bottom of someone's shoe. NO child should ever have to feel that way.

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Ron: Describe your bout with sexual abuse in your life, even though your parents did not that realm. I know this is a sensitive issue as you are free to elaborate about this topic on your terms:

Lisa: Because of my mother's illness, she brought many unstable people into my life and our household. A unidentified young man from our neighborhood befriended my mother, came into my residence and took over everything. he claimed me as ahis girlfriend at the tender young age of 13. My nightmare began from day one when I was physically abused first and violated afterwards. this nightmare went on for almost 2 years before my impending escape.

I reserve the right to exhibit further details on this horrific experience, but I am speaking out to raise awareness this problem remains rampant and as The Bay State's National Ambassador to NASCA, my daily mission is to continue speaking out for those who do not have the voice to address these sensitive issues. The full story is unveiled in my first literary effort "The Unspoken Truth".

In closing, even though this is April, the matter of child abuse remains problematic in nature as we must be aware of these issues 365 days a year, 7 days a week. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and "if you see something, say something". We here at Townsquare-Berkshire are proud to have Lisa in our corner as we continue to help spread the word and thank her for sharing these emotional and gripping stories with us.

For more compelling true to life stories, log on to Z's web site by going here.

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