The West Stockbridge Fire Department will host their 1st annual town picnic this Saturday, July 27th from 2 to 9 pm at Town Hall. All ages are invited to par take in a fun filled atmosphere which includes an assortment of food, live music and activities.

Benny The Balloon Guy and the one and only Sparky will also be in attendance plus our "Main Man" Jesse Stewart will be broadcasting LIVE on WSBS from 1 to 3 pm as he will give everyone a preview of all the happenings that will be taking place during this inaugural event.

Keep in mind, the venue will serve as an "alcohol free zone" therefore NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises as this get together focuses on family fun and having a good time with your friends and neighbors in the south county community.

Tickets are available in advance for only $20 per person, $25 at the door and children 10 years of age and under are admitted free with all proceeds assisting in the daily operation of West Stockbridge's Fire Department. To learn more about their valuable contributions toward the community, you can log on to the town's web site by going here 

For more details on this weekend's family picnic, you can call (413) 232-7853.

(Group photo featured on this post courtesy of The West Stockbridge Fire Department's Facebook page)


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