The Winter Weather Advisory from the National Weather Service is still in effect until 8 AM Thursday, but as of 4 PM today we still hadn't seen flake one at our station location in Great Barrington.

Forecasters are expecting the snow to move in for tonight & early Thursday, with a potential of 2 to 4 inches across Southern Berkshire, with some locations seeing as much as 6 inches locally.  A mere handful compared to the amounts left behind by the previous 3 Noreasters to come through here.

Also, please keep in mind that temperatures falling to below freezing tonight can make for slippery conditions no matter how much snow falls, especially on back roads, hills and bridge surfaces.Gusty winds could also be an issue.

It's probably not the best night to drive toward New York City, Hartford or Providence where this storm's harsher effects are being felt. Boston and the Cape could likely see another rough night too. Locally, just exercise great care.  Serious complications for our Thursday morning commute are not very likely.


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