By now, you already know that venturing through Great Barrington can be a challenge in more ways than one. The completion of a rotary located at the junctions of routes 7, 23 and 41 is confusing to local drivers and those who are visiting the south county area. The project STILL needs some finishing touches as there are some bumps and bruises that need to be taken care of. Fortunately, this is located parallel to the police station as we shall see if any mishaps need to be reported during our local coverage on the Berkshire News Network.

attachment-Map Of Rotary

Next up: Main Street which has become a massive gridlock during daytime hours as an army of cars are clogging BOTH directions going north and southbound. I understand we are a destination area as south county attracts visitors nationwide, but we are similar to the bottle neck of traffic that is seen in Boston and my ol' hometown of New York City. Go figure! Plus, the waiting for those annoying traffic lights takes forever leading up to a lack of patience for those behind the wheel.

GB Main Street with GB Grass
Old-fashioned Main Street
Kenneth Sponsler

But here is the hot spot where a much-needed stop sign has to be installed as East Street continues to be a road where drivers frequent to avoid the Main Street gridlock as the traffic light will take you to the vicinity of The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center parallel to Town Hall. The connection to Bridge Street STILL proves challenging as I recently had some close calls due to a blind spot that prevents you from seeing oncoming traffic in both directions. As I mentioned before, a 2 way STOP sign NEEDS to be inserted, but why isn't the town doing anything to rectify this problem as the area is ripe for a possible collision which could also lead to injuries and that is NOT a good thing.

Rob Sullivan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Rob Sullivan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

If you agree with me, please submit your thoughts and ideas by logging on to The Town of Great Barrington's web site by going here. Make sure this issue needs to be addressed. Let's not forget, your voice needs to be heard to help better our immediate surroundings, particularly when it comes to keeping our local roadways safe for all who utilize them.

I do NOT see this often as drivers tend to abuse the rules of our roadways (remember , this isn't Interstate 90) One final word of wisdom: SLOW DOWN and obey ALL posted speed limits as you can avoid paying a fine towards a moving violation which also could lighten up your wallet in the long run.

We will keep you posted on the latest developments regarding the trek throughout Great Barrington and if we ever get that much-needed stop sign at East and Bridge Streets. Stay tuned!

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