The Berkshires non-profit center is currently holding an on-line auction between now and July 26th as all proceeds will raise funds for educational services and programs throughout the county.

The "Non-Profit Necessities" features over 100 items that are needed by non-profits which include everything from office supplies to wine as local businesses and consultants who donate will be supporting both the NPC and the non-profit organization that wins the bid. NPC founder Liana Toscanini added this an opportunity to get in front of a very targeted audience and can do good for their community at the same time.

Non-profits and their board members are encouraged to bid on items they really need on a daily basis and focus on items they can't afford including consulting, advertising, printing, graphic design, event photography, office furniture, marketing services and event space. Even some "fun" items will be up for grabs.

Prospective donors can see the NPC auction "wish list" on their web site. You can also check it out by going here. or give a call to (413) 645-3151 as items for donation will be accepted right up until the end of this all important fund-raiser.

This is YOUR chance to participate and put yourself into the spotlight that features a very vibrant and targeted audience and pay it forward at the same time.

(The following information was sent to WSBS via a press release from The Berkshire Non-Profit Center for on-air and on-line usage)

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