The Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park in Sheffield is truly generating lots of buzz throughout the tri-state region and visitors from outside our listening area are making this oasis as a mandatory stop during their travels to south county. This location was deemed as a pivotal area where the sightings on an unidentified flying object was witnessed back in September of 1969. This historical moment garnered world wide attention as the park serves as an open location for the public to reflect and commune with their thoughts.

This past summer, another milestone took place as the first U-F-O wedding took place on the grounds as Thom continues to promote the benefits of Sheffield's best secret and many are discovering for themselves the serenity and solace they can experience when walking past the historic covered bridge.

A few notable people are also lending their support toward the progress of this beautiful and scenic paradise. Stevie Ray Vaughn's nephew, Tyrone has lent his total support towards this venture. Add to the list, BB King's daughter Rita King Washington who is also an instrumental factor in bringing her enthusiasm to encourage local residents and out of town visitors to experience the beauty of this outdoor haven for themselves.

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Rita will join Ron Carson for the first "Let's Talk" of The New Year on YOUR Home Town Station as she discusses her involvement and commitment towards The Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park. Also featured in the chat: A preview of her latest literary effort that focuses on the legacy of her legendary father and the conversation will feature some  reminiscing on his timeless musical accomplishments.

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You can learn more about The Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park by going here

(Photo images courtesy of Thom Reed's personal album used by permission)  

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