When the lineup for Tanglewood's 2018 Popular Artist series was announced this week, it was reported that Andy Grammer would be making his debut at the famed summer performance venue in the Berkshires. Hearing that put my musical memory bank into overdrive.

"It's a return, not a debut", I thought. I flashed back to an summer evening in 2012 when my wife and I enjoyed the up-and-coming Grammer and fellow singer-songwriter Mat Kearney as they opened for Train.  Grammer was already known for his first two singles, "Keep Your Head Up" and "Fine By Me".  I remember thinking how great it was to see 2 openers of their caliber.

It's true that this will be his first time headlining a Popular Artist concert at Tanglewood, so maybe that's the intention behind the "debut" tag. But if you were among the thousands alongside the two of us who packed the grounds that summer night in 2012, you can catch Andy again & say "welcome back to the Berkshires!"

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