If you are a native New Yorker (present company included) you are familiar with Bill Boggs, an Emmy Award winning TV talk show host who graced the small screen with his "Midday LIVE" show that aired on Metromedia's WNEW-TV, channel 5 (prior to when they became a Fox affiliate) and I was honored to be his personal guest at various times when the show was taped within walking distance from Hunter College on Manhattan's east side.

He was instrumental in presenting an Off-Broadway play in The Big Apple, "Talk Show Confidential". Bill is also a successful producer who brought us ground-breaking TV series including "Comedy Tonight" and "The Morton Downey Jr. Shows". He is also an established comedy writer, professional speaker and author. His 1st novel, "At First Sight" was published back in 1980 and was optioned for a screenplay based on his life. In 2008, Harper/Collins published his well-received effort "Got What It Takes" based on his interviews with highly successful people.

This time around, his latest effort focuses on fiction's funniest canine as readers can partake in "The Adventures Of Spike, The Wonder Dog" as the protagonist, a English Bull Terrier narrates his journey through pop culture fame alongside his master, Bud as the story contains quite a few twists and turns in the process as the pair embark on an endless stream of mind-boggling adventures.

Bill will re-connect with Ron Carson on Part 2 of the WSBS Saturday Morning Chat at 11:05 am as we are honored to share the airwaves with him and it'll be your opportunity to get acquainted with his new found four legged friend.

Radames Pera

The 1st installment of our chat airs at 10:05 am and features a familiar face that graced the small screen back in the early 1970's as we are excited to catch up with actor Radames Pera, best known as Young Caine (aka "The Grasshopper") in the ABC martial arts series "Kung Fu". He remains as the only sole surviving cast member of this iconic series which starred David Carradine in the title role of Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin monk who made his way to the American West to search for his half brother. The main character's teachers were portrayed by veteran character actors Keye Luke and Philip Ahn.

Radames Pera appeared in a total of 48 episodes within a three year span as he will reminisce about his experiences and fans of the show will be excited as he'll clue us in on a re-make of "Kung Fu" which will air on the CW network this fall. Universal is also planning to covert this series into a feature film which continues to be a work in progress as we will get the exclusive details on YOUR Home Town Station.

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