Bay State drivers: Gas prices are slowly but surely dropping as we will take the extra savings when filling up at the pump. Recently, the final tally shows a gallon of gas in Great Barrington has gone down to $3.49, that's down 10 cents as motorists were paying $3.59 per gallon.

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If you are seeking relief up north, Lenox and Pittsfield have also seen a slight plummet in prices but as you enter in the vicinity of Adams and North Adams, those areas are STILL elevated in nature, but not by much. Again, consumers can take advantage of any break that is being offered at the present time.

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Once again, the "greedy" oil companies know the answer to this problematic momentum as they pretty much have us in their grips. They know drivers need to get from Point A to Point B, but do they really care how much we shell out? The answer obviously is NO! Keep in mind they continue to take away much needed money that is budgeted for other expenses and I'm sure you are on the same page with me on this subject at hand.

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BOTTOM LINE: Personally, I am very stingy when it comes to keeping my tank full. I cringe every time a bar disappears from the dashboard from my car, knowing it won't be long before repeating the task at hand. Enough Is Enough! We truly NEED a break to spend money in other aspects of our lives. One word to these greedy oil companies who are profiting from our pockets: STOP!!!


BOTTOM LINE: Think about it: If this positive trend continues, we don't have to be "running on empty"

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Gallery Credit: Sophia Crisafulli

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