They say you can hear the screams of those who have vanished in the mountains of DCR's Fountain Pond State Park. Do you dare to venture on a hike into these woods? Once a year, there is a haunting in the hills. For those who are brave enough to venture into the woods and walk with the dead and the tormented then this is for you.

This Friday night, beginning at 8:00 PM we dare you to walk through these haunted hills. You'll gather at the Trailhead of the Community Health Programs Main campus located at 444 Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington. No children under 13 are admitted on the Haunted Hike to Fountain Pond because it's too scary!

Admission is $5 per person per walk and close toed shoes are recommended. This is a hike, in the dark.

So are you up for the challenge? Beware, if you take the hike, after Oct. 26, you'll never be the same.

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