The COVID-19 pandemic has made for some interesting work conditions and even though we're getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, a number of Massachusetts employees (1 in 4 to be exact) admit to working from their car according to a national survey by 3,000 WFH (Work From Home) employees by Florida-based Gunther Volkswagen Delray. The survey found that 25% of Massachusetts employees say they have worked from their cars during the pandemic.

In some ways this makes sense. Working from home while appealing at first may become a distraction after a while. You have to take in the fact that you have background noise from others in the household during Zoom meetings. Then you have the challenge of trying to cram an office in an already existing bedroom. How many people do you know have had to split a room to accommodate for a home office during the pandemic? In some cases, you may be sharing an office with others in your home which can lead to more challenging obstacles when it comes to getting actual work done.

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45% of respondents in the survey said the main advantage of working from the car is the option of being able to drive to a nature spot. Twenty-six percent surveyed said the main advantage of WFC (working from cars) is the peace and quiet that it brings, while 17% enjoy having access to the sound system in their car. A further 7% like being able to control the temperature of their workspace in the car, and another 4% say being able to adjust the seat is the biggest advantage – no need to pay for an expensive ergonomic chair! Finally, just 1% prefer working behind the wheel as it’s a less cluttered environment than home.

As strange as it sounds, working from cars seems to be an advantage for some Massachusetts residents. Have you done this? Would you give it a try?

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