As mentioned in previous articles, Berkshire County is certainly home to some strange, weird, and amazing phenomena. For example, we've covered Houghton Mansion, the Hoosac Tunnel, the Creature of Coca Cola Ledge and even some spooky activity captured on video at Hillside Cemetery.

One Berkshire County attraction you may want to explore is Balance Rock. Technically located in the Town of Lanesborough within Pittsfield State Forest, this rock is something that only nature could have created in such an awe-inspiring position. A huge boulder is literally balancing on a smaller rock. According to Jeff Belanger, author of the book Weird Massachusetts, it was during the Ice Age when a glacier dropped the 165-ton limestone boulder on the significantly smaller rock. When you touch the boulder you can feel vibrations.

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If you're not sure if the rock is worth visiting, there are plenty of reviews online that may just put you over the edge to check out this piece of nature. Here are a couple of reviews from Trip Advisor:


We have lived in Massachusetts for many years and never knew this rock existed. What a sight to see the 19-ton rock balancing on a small base! It is really unusual and worth seeing at least once. The rock is next to the main parking area, so no hiking is needed.


If you’re in the area this is something that should not be passed up. Seeing this very large rock balanced on a pinpoint on a smaller rock it’s just something to see. You’re not going to believe it unless you say it. There’s nice trails as well as nice waterways, but the single thing to see is the balanced rock.

So, if you're looking for a fun family outing in the Berkshires, you may want to consider exploring Balance Rock. The only thing that is sad about this attraction is the boulder is covered in graffiti but definitely still worth a peek.

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