As we have seen on social media time and time again, Berkshire County and Massachusetts residents in general love sharing wacky, adorable, and fun videos and photos of animals out in the wild. Of course, sometimes, these furry friends aren't out in the wild that long as they like to approach patios, porches, and decks. In some cases, they will break into homes to gather up some food and fill their empty bellies.

What About The Time a Bear Was Trapped in a Berkshire County Man's Car? Do You Remember That?  

You may remember back in 2020 when I shared photos from the aftermath of a bear breaking into my father-in-law's vehicle based on the sheer smell of food alone. There wasn't any food in the car at the time the bear broke in but he could smell food from when it was in the car earlier in the evening. Check out these stunning photos by going here. Needless to say, the car was totaled.

We Also Get to Enjoy Videos of Animals at Peace in Nature Here in the Berkshires and Throughout Western Massachusetts

One thing we get to enjoy more of lately thanks to Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams is animals captured on video out in nature. We get to see what these animals are doing during their everyday routine including a video of this beautiful owl bathing himself in Massachusetts.

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Here Comes Another Fun, Adorable Video

Now, we have to share another fun video. This time Sally captured a beaver on video doing some late-night grooming. Grooming is part of everyday life of course, but the beaver adds a bit of cuteness to the task at hand. Check out the video below, it will definitely get you smiling.

What will Sally have for us next? We'll have to wait and see. She captures the best nature videos, period.

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