It's that time of year again and another sign of Spring. The 2018 Berkshire Business Showcase is coming up on Thursday, May 10 from 5:00 - 7:30 P.M. and at a new location. This year the Showcase gathering will be held at Eisner Camp, 53 Brookside Road, Great Barrington. This means there will be more than enough space for vendor setup along with plenty of parking.

Though the showcase is taking place on May 10th, the deadline for businesses to sign up is April 20. All types of businesses are eligible to sign up including seasonal, hospitality, the arts, education, retail, health, culinary, finance, home & garden, marketing, lodging, legal, beauty & spa, IT, non-profits, animal health and more.

At the showcase, businesses will be able to network, provide recruiting opportunities, build community interest and more. Some businesses even provide giveaways and participate in games. WSBS will be broadcasting live from the business showcase and you never know, we may even have the prize wheel on site.

For registration information, vendor cost, questions and more, contact the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce at 413-528-4284.

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