April seems to be a funny month particularly this year in Berkshire County and the tri-state Berkshires. We've been getting some decent sunny and warm days but then just like that the temperature drops and we're back to wearing sweaters and winter jackets. It's tough to plan your wardrobe. If you're like me you currently have both your spring/summer and fall/winter outfits active.

Of course last week we experienced some snow. At first the forecast predicted some light snow for our county and then quickly it became more serious as the forecast was updated to a winter storm watch and then a winter weather advisory and in some sections of the county a winter storm warning. When it was all said and done, we really didn't receive much snow, at least in terms of accumulation. The snow would hit the ground and evaporate pretty quickly. One gentleman did send me a photo from his home in Otis displaying the fact that he received about six inches. I used that photo for this article.

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Once again, it appears that mother nature is a bit confused as winter is desperately struggling to hang on. According to the National Weather Service out of Albany we can possibly see a mix of rain and snow showers early this evening with a transition over to snow showers after 11pm. The possibility of snow will continue on throughout Thursday leading up to approximately 2 pm. However, NWS also stated that the snow accumulations will be less than a half inch.

So, nothing to really worry about at this point. We'll keep our eye on the forecast and let you know if anything changes drastically. Don't forget, for weather access 24/7, you can call the WSBS Weather Phone at (413) 528-1118, download the free WSBS mobile app or go here.

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