There's no doubt that Berkshire County's real estate market is booming. Not only are local folks from the Berkshires ready to grab that next piece of hot property we also have folks from Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Vermont, and so on ready to make a home in Berkshire County or in many cases, looking to pick up a second home in Berkshire County.

In addition, there are many folks that are struggling to make ends meet and are in major need of affordable housing. As you may have heard in past interviews or read in the news, there tends to be a pretty lengthy waiting list for affordable housing in the Berkshires.

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Oftentimes, we'll feature Berkshire County homes that are the best of the best. They're luxury personified beyond our imagination and they are listed for millions of dollars. How about going the other way? If you are someone who is handy or has a group of handy family & friends and you're looking for something to perhaps flip or live in yourself, we have found a Blue Colonial located at 640 Chapel Street in the Town of Lee. The asking price is $68,900. Here's the seller's description. Don't forget to check out the photo gallery below.

640 Chapel Street, Lee, MA

You can get more information about the Freddie Mac First Look Initiative by going here.

You can get complete listing details and more about this Lee home by going here.

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