Are you in the theater business? Are you trying to pick up some more jobs? Do you know somebody who is looking for theater work? There's no doubt that many folks weren't filling too many theater production roles during the pandemic and folks were struggling to find work. Many things changed during the pandemic and the difficulty of making ends meet was near the top of the list if not at the tippy top. Luckily more productions are coming back to fruition and a Berkshire County theater production company is looking for you to fill a role while earning some decent pay.

Shakespeare & Company in Lenox is Looking to Fill a Role for an Upcoming Production

According to a press release that was sent to us from Shakespeare and Company, the group is seeking a non-union actor for an upcoming production of Golden Leaf Rag Time Blues by Charles Smith, directed by Raz Golden. You can check out the rehearsal schedule and performance schedule by going here.

Here's the Role Description...

The role is for a fellow named Jet (black, age range 15-20) who is a teenager with a deep distrust of everyone and every situation, trying to appear hardened and uncaring but can't quite pull it off.

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What is the Salary for this Role with Shakespeare and Company in Lenox? 

If you land the role you'll earn $684 per week for the first four weeks, and $342 a week once the hours become reduced during the performance run.

You can get complete details including the audition process by going here. If you have any questions you can contact Producing Associate Ariel Bock at or call (413) 637-1199, ext. 107.

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