Growing up in the Berkshires there were a number of stores and entertainment locations that were part of my childhood that I wish were still around today. That's life though. Time marches on. For example, we had a number of video stores throughout Berkshire County that made going out on the weekends to rent movies an adventure. I also remember having dinners and attending birthday parties at the Ground Round at the Berkshire Mall Lanesborough. Shopping was fun back in the day especially when my mother would take me with her to Pittsfield and one of the stops consisted of Bradlees. I loved that store. Of course, when we would do our shopping in Pittsfield, I always begged my mom to make a stop at The Toy Works. What Berkshire County kid didn't love that toy store?

There Was One Store I Loved in the Northern Berkshires

Speaking of toy stores, one particular store, actually more like a shop was Carridi's Outlet which was located in those mill-type buildings on State Road in North Adams. Now, I'm doing this from memory so forgive me if I'm a little shaky on the details but I remember that the entrance had a sign that read" Carridi's Outlet" or "The Outlet" with Gumby on it. My grandmother worked there for a time. I want to say that this was around 1989/1990.

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This store was pure fun as it had a very mom-and-pop feel. It offered toys that weren't always easy to get at the bigger box stores and if I remember correctly, the prices were reasonable. I remember you could get a lot of sports and movie trading cards and you could even get balloons filled there for birthday parties. I really wish I had photos from this store. Do you have any photos from The Outlet in North Adams? What are your memories of this wonderful treasure in the northern Berkshires?

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