Over the years, Berkshire County has been known to have some epic winters. Of course, we can't forget the big storm that we just had on March 14 but there have been other storms over the years that were quite intense.

What is the Biggest Snowstorm on Record for the Berkshires?

According to Stacker the biggest snowstorm on record was the October 29/30, 2011 snowstorm (the data Stacker used was from NOAA and was recorded up through the summer of 2021.) The Berkshires saw 25.9 inches of snow over 24 hours. I remember that vividly as my in-laws were visiting my home in Pittsfield. We were celebrating my father-in-law's birthday that Saturday, October 29. I remember my wife begging her parents to stay the night at our place but they said they could get home fine.

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In addition to the fact that we were experiencing a blizzard my wife was also nervous because her parents not only live about 45 minutes away from us, they're home is in Florida, MA on the Mohawk Trail. Florida tends to get much more snow than other parts of the county because of the higher elevation. Plus the temperature is usually about 10 degrees cooler compared to areas on a lower elevation like North Adams for example.

So Did My In-Laws Safely Make it Home During Berkshire County's Late October Blizzard of 2011?

My in-laws were safe but they did not make it back to their home in Florida. The weather was so bad that the Mowhak Trail was closed to motorists which in turn forced them to turn around and stay the night at the Holiday Inn in North Adams. That's how I remember the October blizzard of 2011. What are your memories of that weekend?

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