Have you ever had online threats and/or assaults including identity theft, credit card information hacked, money stolen? It's frustrating and dangerous. My credit card information has been hacked a couple of times and I've had to have new cards mailed to me.

You don't have to settle for online hackers threatening your personal information and turning your life upside down because one of the region’s top IT experts--Dave Hall, will give actionable advice to dodge dastardly cyber hackers at the Ask the Expert: Size Up Your Cyber Risk Workshop, presented by the Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE), on Jan. 27 at 5:15 pm.

You can reserve your virtual seat now to raise your knowledge and skills to lower your electronic risk profile, quickly identify hacking attempts, and protect your personal information. You’ll get a direct connection with Dave, who will answer live questions and provide concrete tips for deflecting hackers’ threats.

As a bonus, Dave will share these valuable resources:

  • A Cyber Profile Protection Worksheet for a customized assessment of your risk level and exact procedures for taking control.
  • 40 Savvy Tips to Secure Your Electronic Life Handbook to apply at home and work.

You can get more details including registration information by going here in addition, you can contact Nicole Laureyns, DLE Operations Assistant, at nicole@dulye.com.

(information sent to WSBS from the Duyle Leadership Experience for online and on-air use) 

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