Could there be a light at the end of this tunnel as gas prices are seeing a decline. Prices at the pump have dropped considerably since last month, but we are STILL hovering over the $4 mark throughout the Berkshires and our immediate tri-state region. Drivers welcome the minimal savings, but we STILL have a long way to go before we see identical prices from a year ago. We have found some gas stations here in the beautiful Berkshires where you could get a slight bargain when filling up:

At the Gas Station

Gulf station on East Otis Road in Otis $4.49

B.J's on Hubbard Avenue in Pittsfield  $4.51 (you must be a member to receive this discount)

Citgo and Atlantis Fresh Market on East Street also in Pittsfield $4.53

Cumberland Farms, Curran Highway in North Adams $4.56

Gulf station in Williamstown $4.57

Racing Mart on Columbia Street in Adams, The Williamstown Cumberland Farms on Main Street and the Union Street location in North Adams plus the Howland Avenue Mobil in Adams. All four locations have the same price of $4.59 per gallon.

In Great Barrington, you will be paying $4.75 a gallon at ALL locations, a slight increase since last week for reasons unknown.


South of the border, gas stations throughout Litchfield county have seen a significant drop to $4.60 a gallon as the state has eliminated gas taxes for the next few months to give motorists a much-needed break from the skyrocketing prices.

In neighboring Columbia county, there are talks of implementing a gas tax holiday for the final quarter of 2022. We'll keep you posted on these latest developments. The city of Hudson is your best bet for cheap gas as The Speedways on Green Street and Fairview Avenue offer a bargain at $4.55. the same price applies when you fill up at the Citgo and Gulf locations also at Fairview Avenue. In Chatham you can find gas selling at $4.67 at The Mobil and Stewarts Shop on Church Street and the Citgo on Hudson Avenue offers a price of $4.69.

Gas sign with high prices
Mark Tantrum

BOTTOM LINE: We will eventually see a drop in prices, but as always we need to grin and bear it as the positive approach is the cost of gas has NOT exceeded the $5 mark and very penny counts while filling up, To get more deals, feel price to log on at Gas Buddy's web site by going here.

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