Back in July, I went away for a weekend trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania as I met up with actress Misty Rowe after attending her fantastic live play featuring a look back at the musical career of Patsy Cline. Upon my return back to the Berkshires, I was surprised to hear that my near and dear friend in TV news, Heather Kovar was NOT anchoring the Saturday and Sunday morning newscasts at WRGB-TV (channel 6). She wound up departing from the CBS affiliate once her contract expired at month's end, therefore a major void was left as "The Capital Region's Lois Lane" was not part of my usual weekend ritual.

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Granted, I will NOT get into details regarding this incident as to why she left, but I will tell you that Heather is a TRUE professional in her craft as her ability to anchor a 2 hour newscast was unmatched and when she was out on the field, it was all about getting the scoop before anyone else and it resulted into success in getting the information to viewers in the realm of "old school journalism.

Heather's fan base was full tilt as Facebook friends (including me) joined in on a fan club featuring archived moments of "Lois Lane" at the anchor desk and showing off her reporting savvy which was proudly displayed locally for a decade at CBS6 and at neighboring WTEN-TV (News10). You can participate in catching some of her finest moments by going here.

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Connect with Heather on Facebook and she is also active on LinkedIn. When last I heard, she has relocated to my ol' hometown of New York City, although I'm not sure if she has returned to the TV airwaves, but I know one thing for sure: Wherever she lands, they will be fortunate to have her in their staff. I have briefly communicated with her on Facebook through inbox and various posts as Heather is welcome to make a return appearance on one of my future "Let's Talk" segments. Our listeners would once again enjoy to hear her voice. Heather's fan base in the Berkshires and eastern New York was strong and no one else can duplicate that dynamic on-camera presence in TV news.

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Hopefully, we will hear from her soon as Heather can update us on her new adventures in The Big Apple (She is familiar with the territory having worked at various stations in the New York Metro area). We will keep you posted. You will ALWAYS be TV's Lois Lane in my books!

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