At one point in my life, I was fortunate to be a pedestrian and utilize public transportation during my days in New York City. You didn't really need to drive a car in the 5 boroughs of my ol' hometown. When I first moved upstate, culture shock came about as there were no subways or buses to take me from point A to point B, therefore it was inevitable to own a vehicle as the only other option was taking a taxi and even back in the early 80's, the cost of a round trip was exorbitant in nature. So, I got my 1st vehicle, a 1976 Subaru two door sedan and hit the road!

Fortunately, my commute to and from work is under 5 minutes, but my biggest  Achilles heel when behind the wheel is having to pass through Main Street in Great Barrington during daytime hours. The traffic is horrendous and sometimes it will take me up to a half hour to make a 3 o'clock doctor's appointment as the medical offices are located south of the Big Y plaza. That is frustrating, if you ask me!


Now that warmer weather is amongst us, we will welcome more visitors to the beautiful Berkshires (and that's a good thing) but keep in mind, the traffic nightmares won't get any better and good luck in trying to find a parking space in the heart of Main Street or the surrounding municipal lots in the heart of Great Barrington in particular.


Let's not forget, there is an issue regarding a prospective rotary that will be situated at the junction of routes 7, 23 and 41 in front of Great Barrington's police station as the constant construction has also led to slow downs in that vicinity. We mentioned about this subject in previous articles, but there is a need to remind you that it has NOT gone away and drivers need to plan accordingly while they hit the road.

attachment-Sounds Of Summer Stage

Sounds of Summer and Party In The Park are also a pair of big draws within the northern and southern parts of Berkshire county. Our suggestion is to arrive as early as possible to avoid the last minute traffic gridlock, this way you can be in attendance from start to finish and not have to worry about a tardy appearance and fight road congestion to our LIVE weekly shows which are well received by our listeners, north and south.

Moral of this story: Give yourself a lot of extra time as you will have some extra vehicular company while you're out and about to have fun in our listening area.

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