These days, I just quiver and shake whenever pulling into a gas station. My promise to begin walking to work is getting closer and closer with the warmer weather amongst us. At least, I'll get my daily dose of exercise in the process as my vehicle just takes an all-important rest. I cringe every time, one bar of gas disappears from the dashboard. YES, I am stingy and do NOT want to see my gas gauge run out especially with these ridiculous and idiotic prices that we are forced to pay. Berkshire drivers can safely say this is a major dose of "highway robbery" and they want to know "when will this end"??

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I can safely give you a re-cap on what we already know: For starters, we were supposed to see a reduction in the state gas tax which does not amount to much here (about 25 cents here in The Bay State), but our neighbors in New York and Connecticut would see a better incentive on this move as their taxes are higher, but I recently returned from a trip to western New York and the cost of a gallon of gas was similar to what we have in the Berkshires, however in the greater capital region (Albany), prices are anywhere between $4.55 and $4.70 a gallon. OUCH!  That's not too far from the dreaded $5 mark. If you want to call $4.31 a bargain, that is the cheapest I paid for gas while heading out west this past weekend.

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Diesel fuel prices have already exceeded $6 a gallon and that is having an impact on the trucking business which is responsible for transporting goods nationwide. Some small companies are forced to close down due to high gas prices and this is contributing to high prices at the supermarkets. It's turned into a no-win situation for all parties.

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Washington D.C. also mentioned we would go into the strategic oil reserves to see relief at the pump, but where is the end result on this? If we were providing the product on a local level, then why the high prices? In my eyes, it seems like there has been NO action in this move to lower gas prices and that is frustrating for all to say the least.

Bottom line: WE ARE FED UP and immediate action must be taken to rectify these problems as oil companies are laughing their way to the bank with our money in their back pockets. Unfair and Unjust are just 2 more words to describe this mess which needs to be cleaned up right away, but the big question is "WHEN"??? Inquiring minds including myself would like to know!

Natnan Srisuwan
Natnan Srisuwan

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