I could safely say back in late January, my trip south to Fort Lauderdale, Florida was a success in more ways than one. It was new territory for me to explore in the ever popular Sunshine State and by escaping winter weather for a few days was also a plus. The pay-off was being in attendance to see legendary drummer Carl Palmer and the ELP Legacy Band for a second time within a three month span and how fortunate that I finally caught The Alan Parsons Project as the main act because weeks later the rest of their tour was cancelled due to COVID concerns.


What I'm also trying to stress is my round trip flight from Boston was a "bargain" as the fare only amounted to just over $100, but if I delayed and went south now, that would not be the case. With the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine pushing gas prices at high levels beyond their control, the airlines have no choice but to pass the added cost to their passengers as it takes quite a bit of jet fuel to keep an airplane flying in the so-called "friendly skies" (which in my opinion that is NOT the case these days, although I thank my lucky stars there were NO issues flying to Florida)

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The good news is that people want to get away due to the ongoing pandemic. Masks are STILL required to be worn during your flight and when you're at the airport as this mandate has been extended to April 18th, but my advice to Berkshire residents: don't let that stop you from planning that much needed getaway. Remember, it's all about timing and you must do your homework in scoring a reasonable deal if flying is in your immediate future. Things are easing up a bit and we cross our fingers that gas prices will eventually come down and that will temper the situation.

Trump Restricts Travel From Europe Over Coronavirus Fears
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Some suggestions include going to your designated airlines web site and I'm pretty sure you'll find the deal you are looking for. Plus, if you have a good rapport with your local travel agent, it is advisable to make an appointment and I'm sure they can find some ways for you to save money for your next excursion that will take you up to the "wild, blue yonder".  Here are a few places in the Berkshires to stop by and get a worthwhile and affordable deal:

Squaw Peak Travel - Lanesborough

Berkshire Travel Group - Pittsfield

Resort Sampler - South Lee

Cruise One - Cheshire

A-Plus Vacations - Clarksburgh

The Travel Store - Williamstown

New View Tours - Stockbridge

Troy Travel - Great Barrington

If you're also a Triple A member, you are also eligible for a discount when booking a flight. Members should keep an eye on any specials or deals that are offered. Spring is here, so plan accordingly and "BON VOYAGE".

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