Even though the Berkshires are a tight, hometown area and full of folks that are here to come together as a community, we can't assume that we are free of crimes specifically break-ins. There may have been a time, years ago, where you could leave your vehicle unlocked in a neighborhood but that's a thing of the past. Ah, it was a simpler time. We long for those times don't we?

Nowadays, the reality is that we can never be too cautious and it's important that we remember to lock our doors, not just to our homes and apartments but also to our vehicles. It takes less than a second and it's worth it in the end. The New Marlborough Police Department recently had to deal with vehicle breaks-ins due to the fact that the owners of the automobiles left the doors unlocked and in a few of these cases the keys were left in the car.

According to the department's Facebook page, 5 more residents had their vehicles broken into on Monday evening/early Tuesday morning. In some cases the vehicle was tossed through and nothing was taken, in others, thousands of dollars worth of items were taken. The post on the page also noted that in a neighboring community, another vehicle was stolen.

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There were prior incidents reported on the police department's Facebook page. Back on Apr. 6 there was a car break in along with a stolen truck on the morning of Apr. 8

The police department reminds resident to lock their doors and if you notice suspicious activity to report it. Suspects are believed to be from Connecticut and hitting the area in the early morning hours.

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