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Temperatures in Berkshire County continue to drop and we are inching closer and closer to winter. Even though the temperatures in the Berkshires are getting colder, the holidays are a warm time of year in our area. The holidays prove that we are here for each other as there are many local Berkshire County organizations that are hosting winter clothing drives, raising funds to feed families this holiday, season, stepping in to assist with heating bills, and more. To borrow a line from Smitty Pignatelli, we really do know how to "Be Berkshire."

With winter ready to take center stage in Berkshire County, one thing you should be aware of is where to park. You could accidentally park in the wrong spot and be nailed with a fine, worse yet, your car could get towed away. That's not the type of Berkshire holiday experience I was talking about earlier so let's make sure you're able to prevent this parking violation from happening to you.

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In a press release sent to WSBS from the Great Barrington Police Department, Great Barrington's Winter Parking Ban on all overnight on-street parking on town streets is in effect from Nov. 15 of 2021 through Mar. 31 of 2022 between 1 am and 6 am. What this means for you is if you violate the ban you will be ticketed. Furthermore, if your vehicle blocks DPW snowplows, it will be towed away at your (the owner's) expense. Now that is not a fun way to spend the holidays in the Berkshires. The overnight parking options you do have during the period of the ban include Great Barrington Town Hall, the lot at the top of Railroad Street, Castle Street lot, and the Mason Library lot.

So park your sleigh in the designated parking areas and let's look forward to another warm holiday season together in Great Barrington and throughout the Berkshires.

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